iON powered by eMedia Network is a world-wide OTT/IPTV platform specializing in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization of multicultural television & radio programming. We deliver LIVE, CATCH UP and ON DEMAND content to every internet enabled device imaginable; empowering broadcasters/channel partners and wowing audiences around the world with interactive experiences leading the digital revolution.

iON delivers high quality video and audio to end-user’s homes, businesses or handheld devices using their existing high speed internet connection via the Akamai world-wide CDN Network.

The combination of Akamai’s CDN Network, eFUSION’s encoding technology, streaming media servers and our customer management and billing system offers a TOTAL end-to-end solution. Our partners are able to select which component they would like to manage themselves or simple sit back and have iON do all the hard work for them leaving them free to focus on their core business knowing their viewers and revenue streams are in safe hands.

iON provides the multicultural households around the world with a simple and affordable multicultural link to their homeland, by delivering top-quality television & radio programming from their homeland directly to their internet device – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Services include:
IPTV Devices

Local time & weather report
Electronic program guide (EPG)
Video on demand (VOD)
More choice - unlimited
Secure $ reliable encryption
Quick & easy self installation
Timely, reliable & cost efficient

1080p HD video
Wireless & wired connection
Works with virtually any TV or handheld device